Traitor’s Revenge

With surprise twists and turns the hunted becomes the hunter as the traitor vows revenge


Drafted into the US Army Ronald Evers never fit in. Everything he was forced to do as a combat infantryman made him hate his situation that much more, until he decided that after one last firefight in Vietnam he had had enough. Deserting his company and forming a band of criminals from many other countries he becomes the “King of the Jungle.”

Tasked to find Evers and bring him to justice, Hank Maples is thrown into one dangerous situation after another until he almost captures Evers but once again Evers, very badly wounded in a nighttime firefight, escapes deeper into the Jungle. Surviving his wounds he swears to hunt down Maples no matter how long or how far he has to go until he gets revenge and kills him, thus the hunted becomes the hunter.

How Traitors Revenge plays out is a thrilling action packed novel much more accomplished than many other first time authors writings. The ending will have you wanting more!

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                  Men are often defined by the way they choose to live their life. There are times that the direction one takes is not pre-planned but is changed by circumstances that are not of one’s own making, and the reaction to that issue more or less can effect change in the humanness of any given person.

                  Eighteen-year-old Ronald Evers, a High School dropout gets drafted into the US Army and hopes to find a new life that will help him become the man he hopes one day to become. Within six months he finds himself in the infantry in Vietnam in 1967. Miserable and hating the death and mayhem all around him he decides to take matters into his own hands and as one of the last men standing in a futile firefight with the Viet Cong, he deserts his post and sets off to create a life in the jungles of Vietnam and Cambodia which turns into a very lucrative business dealing in illegal drugs.

                  Hunted by the US Command he is almost captured but gets away, though severely wounded. After a time of recovery from his wounds he swears revenge on the man the Army sent to capture him, Hank Maples, who inflicted great pain on him, including the loss of a leg, and shut down his jungle domain. Thus, the hunted becomes the hunter. Follow this fast-paced story through exciting twists and turns to a surprising ending that will have you wanting more.

Chapter 1

That Could Have Been Me

The tear that dropped from my eye nearly froze on my cheek as I watched them lower Ralph’s casket into the cold hard ground. It almost seemed, in a perverse way, that it should be this cold because Ralph was indeed a cold hard man. As I flicked the drop away, I looked around the grave site to make sure no one saw my moment of weakness that took even me by surprise. After all that had happened over the years on Perkins Drive, I had become to most, at least outwardly, the neighborhood tough guy, Ralph notwithstanding. Mostly so because not many people actually knew Ralph as evidenced by those in attendance at the burial. There were not that many people at the funeral and even less at the grave site. Perkins drive was a cul-de-sac that had 15 homes on it and was bordered by two streets with much larger homes on them. Because of the small area we lived in we all seemed to know one another, some more closely than others. Some even closer! I had not been home in many years but kept up on the events around town by reading the local newspaper online. I’m not sure why I continued to do that because I never planned to go back to the city of Atwood after what happened in 1963 but here, I was 20 years later. I had seen Ralph’s obituary in the paper and figured that I owed him at least a visit to his funeral for what he did for me in our younger years that included saving my life.

“Is that really you?” a voice from behind which included a tap on the shoulder as well. I turned and came face to face with my old girlfriend Lacy Anderson who looked as great in her tight-fitting dress as I remembered from our time together many years back. In fact, time had been very good to her. It’s always hard to visualize ourselves as others see us so I’m not sure what she thought about me or the way I looked but she sure didn’t look the fifty years old I knew she was because we were the same age. “How are you Lacy?” I said “It’s been a long time, what’s it been eight years?” she smiled that alluring way she always had that suggested she was always eager to one up you, “I remember for sure Hank it has been twenty, because my nephew Joey was only one when you left in the middle of the night”. I did not actually leave in the middle of the night but when I realized that She and Ralph were splitting up because she had desires that he did not, I felt that since there was nothing there for me in Atwood anyway and wanting to avoid a confrontation with Ralph I did leave rather quickly.

As the preacher was saying the last prayer for Ralph the few people that were gathered in the small tent graveside started to leave. Most of those that attended the funeral did not venture to the cemetery because of the weather, and when the rain and wind that kept the service short started back up, those that did attend at graveside were eager to get to the reception at Ralph’s Mother’s house. Lacy asked in her daring way “I hope you will come to the house and we can talk for a while it’s so good to see you after all this time”. “I might stop by for a while but only to give my regards to Molly and then get back on the road” in truth I was staying in Hargrove, the next town north, so I would not have to be seen around town and answer all the questions that would more than likely be hard to answer, more so truthfully. Not that I had too many secrets but being in the business I was in benefited me to be as invisible as possible. When I returned from Vietnam having been in the infantry and led covert Intel ops I decided to continue that line of work and hired out as an investigator in high stakes investigations that were not always exactly above board.

Ralph’s mother Molly was in her 70’s but like Lacy she looked great for her age and when she saw me come in came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek and a hug that to some would seem very suggestive of someone eager to please in a far different way. “I am very sorry for your loss; I always was intrigued by Ralph’s personality and graciousness” I said as she stepped back to gaze at me and I could see in her dark grey eyes that she was in pain at the loss of her only son.


About the author.

Photograph by Brian Conway

Harold (Harry) Rubin was born in Warren, Ohio in 1943. Graduated from Youngstown University in the Summer of 1965 and with a business degree set off to charge into the business world. By October Harry realized that there would be no Job offers until his military service was satisfied. Drafted into the United States Army on Christmas Eve 1965 he had boots on the ground in Vietnam as an infantry paratrooper by August of 1966. The things he saw, did and learned there are the basis for his first Novel. Now in his seventy-eighth year of life and having had a successful business career, when asked “Where did you grow up?” he always says Vietnam.

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